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01 Q. What if our university doesn't serve GPA grade system on the standard which Korea University prescribes?

A. GPA should be converted to a standard system on the scale total 4.0 or 4.3 or 4.5 or 100 necessarily to proceed your admission. Also every semester Grade point and total study semester GPA during your university should be shown on your original transcript. If not, please send the converted GPA official document from your school record team with signature or etc. in your university or you can use the conversion website like http://www.wes.org or http://www.foreigncredits.com by your side.

02 Q. The GPA system at the school I graduated from is different from KU’s. How should I convert my GPA?

  1. If the school you are going to graduate from or have graduated from uses GPA scales that differ from the scales at KU, you are advised to submit an official document issued by your school on its GPA metrics. You may not convert your GPA at your own discretion.

03 Q. Should I submit an official transcript?

  1. Yes, you need to submit an original copy of your official transcript.