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Important Notice

 A. You can fill out the application form in either Korean or English.


 B.The spelling of your name and the birth date must match those shown in your passport or other official documents in your country.


 C. Please refer to the website, http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr/gradeng/department/major.do, when you fill out the degree, department, and major of your application form.


 D. Changes in admission data (e.g., degree, department, etc.) will be prohibited after submission.


 E. None of the submitted records and documents are returnable, also the application fee is non-refundable.


 F. Important notices will be announced via e-mail. Please indicate email addresses 1 and 2 accurately. They should have different email accounts. (e.g.,YAHOO, HOTMAIL, GMAIL, etc.)


 G. Any false or misleading statement may disqualify your application.


 H. Late arrival of the application documents after the deadline will result in failure of your admission application (March 31 for Fall semester, Sep.30 for Spring semester).


 I. Student's application can be canceled due to insufficient documents.


 J. Applicants for the Department of Medicine and Department of Biomedical science must get tutor professor candidate's permission before his/her application.


 K.  Applicants who have completed the major of medicine or dentistry are only qualified to apply for the department of Medicine.


 L. We have two campuses in Seoul (Anam Campus) and Sejong (Sejong Campus) of Korea University. There are four colleges in Sejong Campus (College of Humanities, College of Science and Technology, College of Business and Economics, College of Pharmacy). All classes by Sejong Campus are conducted in Sejong City. It takes about two hours by car from Seoul to Sejong Campus.



 M. There is no fall admission for the major of 'Marketing', 'Accounting' and 'Business Analytics' in the department of Business Administration.  (These applications are only for Spring Semester.)


N. Leave in absence for the first semester after admission is not allowed for freshmen. (In case of disease, joining the army, giving

    birth – it can be allowed with verification.)


O. For visa information, please confirm the Notice for Admission-Additional Information-Visa Issuance at our website. (http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr/gradeng/visa.do).