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Colleges & Departments

대학원 설치학과 및 학사주관대학
College Department
College of Law Law
Business School Business Administration
College of Liberal Arts Korean Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Chinese & Japanese Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, Philosophy, History, Korean History, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, Comparative Literature & Comparative Culture *, Visual Culture*, Classics Translation*, Cultural Heritage Studies*, Labor Studies*, Science & Technology Studies*
College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology Food and Resource Economics, Environmental Science & Ecological Engineering, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Plant Biotechnology
College of Political Sciences and Economics Political Science and International Relations, Public Administration, Economics, Statistics, Financial Engineering
School of Journalism and Mass Communication Journalism & Mass Communication
College of Science Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences
College of Engineering Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Industrial Management Engineering, Mechatronics*, Micro Device Engineering*, Micro/Nano Systems*, Biomicro System Technology*, Urban Regeneration*, Semiconductor Systems Engineering#, Nano Photonics Engineering#, Smart City#, Automotive Convergence#, Smart Convergence#
College of Medicine Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Public Health*, Biostatistics*, Healthcare and Medicine for Unified Korea*
College of Education Geography, Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Home Ecology, Korean Language Education, Physical Education, English Education
College of Nursing Nursing
College of Health Science Public Health Science, Integrated Biomedical and Life Science, Bioengineering, Health and Safety Convergence  Science, Health Care Sciences, Global Health*
College of Information Computer and Radio Communications, Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Visual Information Processing*, Bioinformatics*, Computer Science and Engineering
School of Art and Design Art and Design, Creative Convergence Design*
Division of Information Security Cyber Security
College of Public Policy Social Welfare, North Korean Studies, Economics and Statistics, Public Policy, Applied Statistics, National and Urban Policy*
College of Science and Technology Computer and Information Science, Applied Physics, Advanced Material Chemistry, Electronics and Information Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Food and Biotechnology, Accelerator Science, Applied Mathematics, Cyber Security, Environmental Technology and Policy*, Bio-medical Science*, Functional Food Science#
College of Global Business Digital Management, Corporate Management, Global Linguistics and Culture*, Converging Technology Systems and Standardization*
College of Pharmacy Pharmacy
College of Culture and Sports Creative Writing, Archaeology and Art History, Sport and Leisure Studies, Cultural Contents

   * : Collaboration Program,    # : Contracted Program